As the earth’s resources are becoming more and more scarce, environmental conflicts over who gets to have access to those resources are also on the rise. Yet, there are not enough sites where people can find clear, critical, and revealing information about these conflicts.

As a response, this blog’s goal is to collect, digest, and distribute crucial information on environmental and social justice conflicts around the world. We take an explicitly political stance on today’s environmental crisis.

For now, the blog features:

  • Bi-weekly summaries of important environmental justice news
  • News analysis
  • Opinion essays
  • Reports of fieldwork
  • A regularly updated twitter feed: https://twitter.com/UnevenEarth

If you are interested in writing for Uneven Earth, please contact us at unevenearthsite@gmail.com

We intend to expand into a website in the future, as our capacity grows. Please stay tuned for developments.

Concept for the website:

  • “Dossiers”–running updates on critical environmental justice struggles (instead of isolated news stories)
  • Multi-media analysis
  • Contextualizing today’s news within historical, environmental, and political inequities
  • Being both a resource for–and a space for critical discussion on–the environmental justice movement
  • Making research accessible for wider audiences, encouraging citizen media and journalism.

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